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At PAI Medical Regina, our goal is to provide our patients with solutions for hair growth.


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No Pain, Pure Gain, The AlmaTED

Alma, in partnership with PAI Medical Group introduces AlmaTED, an innovative and painless approach to enhancing hair growth and increasing hair density. Achieving easy hair growth is now possible with this groundbreaking TransEpidermal Delivery of growth factor formula. Noticeable results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks, making it a convenient option for individuals seeking to improve their hair thickness. For the best outcome, we recommend undergoing three treatments, each of which lasts just 20 minutes and is entirely pain-free. This cutting-edge technology has been available in United States for several years and was introduced to the Canadian market in November 2022.

Low level laser light therapy is an excellent tool to improve hair growth.
Due to its “low level,” it is a safe treatment without

any downtime for our patients.

PRP is one of our most effective therapies to improve hair growth.
PRP relies on using the patient’s own proteins to stimulate hair growth.

Hair transplantation is our most definitive treatment to achieve
hair growth where patients have suffered the consequences of hair loss.